La Quinta Breakfast And Lunch Menu With Prices

La Quinta Breakfast and Lunch Menu With Prices (2024)

Find out the latest La Quinta breakfast and lunch menu with prices. which offers a variety of tasty selections to start your day and satisfy your noon desires at low costs.This post will provide you with all the information you need to know about their delicious breakfast and lunch items while staying at a La Quinta hotel.

La Quinta, which means “the country place” in Spanish, got its start in 1968 during HemisFair, the San Antonio, Texas, world’s fair. It is one of the most popular hotels that offers luxurious accommodations and a variety of services to its customers. One of the best things about staying at La Quinta is the free breakfast buffet every morning.

La Quinta’s breakfast menu aims to provide guests with a healthy and enjoyable day by offering a variety of tasty items. It includes a variety of hot and cold items, as well as classic favorites and healthy options. The lunch menu offers a variety of sandwiches and wraps made with fresh ingredients and can be customizable to your choice.

Both menus provide excellent value Whether you start the day with a hearty breakfast or lunch, La Quinta’s cuisine will satisfy your appetite.

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La Quinta Breakfast And Lunch Menu With Prices

La Quinta’s breakfast hours usually start at 7:00 a.m. and end at 10:00 a.m. It may vary by location, so it’s a good idea to Check breakfast time before you visit.

Here is a list of breakfast items available at La Quinta and their prices.

Complimentary Hot Breakfast At La Quinta

Eggs (scrambled, fried, or poached)$5-$10
French Toast$7-$13
Breakfast Burrito$8-$15
Breakfast Sandwich$5-$10
Bagel with cream cheese$4-$6
Yogurt parfait$5-$8
Breakfast Tacos$8-$14
Fruit Salad$5-$8
Hash Browns$3-$6
Biscuits and Gravy$6-$12
La Quinta Breakfast and Lunch Menu With Prices (2023)
La Quinta Breakfast and Lunch Menu With Prices (2023)

Eggs & Omelets

Served with baby red potatoes or fresh fruit

Two Eggs Any Style  $16.95
Bolognese and Cheese Omelet $19.75
Croque Madame  $21.75
Greek Omelet$18.75
Breakfast Burrito  $18.75
Chilaquilas on Weekends.  $16.95
Belgian Waffle until 11 am$16.95
German Breakfast$19.75
Egg on Croissant Sandwich Omelette your way $19.25

Benedict Corner

Served with baby red potatoes or fresh fruit.

Classic Eggs Benedict$17.95
Phil Mickelson Benedict$17.95  
Eggs Florentine$19.75
Lox Benedict$21.95


Served with homemade French roll

Spinach Frittata$18.75
Zucchini Frittata $18.75  
Scandinavian Frittata$20.75

Sweet Crepes

Berries Crepes$17.50
Nutella Crepe$17.50
Banana Royale Crepe$19.75


Served with a small green salad or fresh fruit.

Quiche Lorraine  $19.75
Mushroom Quiche$19.75
Spinach Quiche  $19.75

Lunch Menu With Price

La Quinta hotels usually do not have full-service restaurants or extensive lunch menus. Instead, they may offer a small selection of quick and convenient options.

Below is a list of Lunch items available at La Quinta and their prices.

La Quinta Breakfast and Lunch Menu With Prices (2023)
La Quinta Breakfast and Lunch Menu With Prices (2023)


French Onion(cup)$8.95 (bowl)$12.50  
Cream of Mushroom(cup)$7.95 (bowl)$9.95  
Duet Cup of soup and your choice of half sandwich$18.75  


All are served with fresh homemade French rolls.

Tom Flores Chef’s Salad  (half)$15.00 (full)$21.00  
Greek Salad  half)$15.00 (full)$21.00  
Stuffed Avocado  (half)$17.00 (full)$23.00  
Spinach and Walnut Salad  (half)$15.00 (full)$20.00  
Caesar  (half)$13.00 (full)$18.00  
Nicoisehalf)$17.00 (full)$23.00  
Garden Salad  Add Chicken $4.25$13.00  
Cobb(half)$16.00 (full)$22.00  


All sandwiches are served with your choice of salad, fruit, or potato salad. Choice of bread includes; homemade French baguette or croissant, sourdough, and wheat.

Ham & Swiss           $19.75
Turkey Breast & Swiss                   $19.75
Albacore Tuna                      $19.75
Chicken Salad                    $19.75  
Club Sandwich              $19.75
Veggie Sandwich                 $18.75
King Louis                           $20.75  


Served with a choice of pomme frites, salad, fresh fruit, or potato salad.

Chicken Panini             $20.75
Ham & Cheese Panini               $19.75
Fromage Melt Panini              $18.75
Turkey Melt Panini               $19.75

Grilled Sandwiches

All sandwiches are served with pomme frites, garden salad, fresh fruit, or potato salad.

Croque Monsieur            $20.75  
Tuna Melt                       $19.75  
Grilled Chicken Sandwich               $20.75
Atlantic Sandwich                  $22.75

Savory Crepes

Served with a small green salad.

Seafood Crepe                $21.95
Chicken & Mushroom Crepe           $21.95
Artichoke Spinach Crepe            $18.95
Parmarella Cheese Crepe            $19.95
Provence Crepe              $22.95
Ham & Swiss Crepe         $21.95

Sweet Crepes

Berry Crepes         $17.50
Nutella Crepe           $17.50
Banana Royale Crepe          $19.75


Served with a small green salad or fresh fruit.

Quiche Lorraine           $19.75
Spinach Quiche          $19.75
Mushroom Quiche             $19.75


Served with a small green salad.

Spinach Lasagna      $19.75
Penne Bolognese     $21.95

Just For Kids

Scrambled Eggs & Bacon              $13.75
French Toast           $13.75
Chicken Strips      $13.75
Grilled Cheese             $13.75
Linguini Pasta           $13.75

A La Carte

Pomme Frites               $6.50
Bacon/Ham/Sausage          $6.95
Side of Cheese            $3.25
Egg        (one)$4.00 (two)$6.00
Fresh Fruit         $11.95
Side of Chicken Salad                  $8.95
Side of Tuna Salad                         $7.95
Side of Potato Salad                  $5.95


Choose from a variety of assorted fine desserts made with the freshest and finest ingredients. You will likely find options like tiramisu, coconut cake, berry tarts, lemon bars, chocolate decadent cake, apricot tarts, chocolate eclairs, creme brulee, and carrot cake. Offerings change with the seasons and Chef Paula’s inspirations.

La Quinta Breakfast and Lunch Menu With Prices (2023)
La Quinta Breakfast and Lunch Menu With Prices (2023)
Assorted Fine Desserts                    $7.50 – $10.5  


Wine    $2.75 – $5.00
Full Bar
Hard Cider -500ml
Pellegrino large
Cappuccino/Café Latte
Assorted Beers

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

1. What does complimentary breakfast consist of?

Normally, it consists of bread products, fruit, fruit juice, coffee, and tea. Most often, you’ll find continental breakfasts at hotels, motels, and events.

2: What Is A Bright Side Breakfast At La Quinta Include?

There are varieties of items you can get from La Quinta’s free breakfast, which includes; scrambled eggs and sausages, “Make Your Own Waffles,” an assortment of fresh fruit, pastries, cereal, muffins, juice, milk, and coffee.

3: Is breakfast free at La Quinta?

Yes, breakfast is complimentary for all guests staying at La Quinta.

4: Are there gluten-free options available for lunch at La Quinta?

Yes, La Quinta hotels typically aim to provide options for guests with dietary restrictions, including gluten-free options

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