Red Lobster Gluten-free menu with price

Red Lobster Gluten-Free Menu with Price (2024)

Red Lobster Gluten-Free Menu with Prices offers special diets without reducing flavor. For a delightful dining experience, enjoy a tasty variety of gluten-free selections at reasonable prices. In this post, you will also learn how to order online at Red Lobster, so keep reading!

Red Lobster does not claim that it is necessarily gluten-free. Just make sure to let your server know if you have any dietary restrictions. If you’re not allergic to gluten, this could be the best place to start.

Red Lobster is one of the biggest seafood restaurant chains in the world, with over 700 branches in North America. Fresh fish, outstanding service, and a pleasant atmosphere are all hallmarks of Red Lobster.

For the most up-to-date and accurate information on their gluten-free menu, contact your local Red Lobster restaurant or visit their official website.

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Red Lobster Gluten-free Menu

To help you plan your meal, we’ve done the legwork and compiled a helpful list of Red Lobster’s gluten-free menu items. Here is the complete, unofficial Red Lobster gluten-free menu.

Seaside Starters   

Signature Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail  $9.99



  Crispy Shrimp with Kung Pao Noodles$19.99
Red Lobster Gluten-Free Menu with Price (2023)


North Pacific King Crab Legs (1.5 lb)$12.99
Snow Crab Legs (1lb)    $ 8.29

 Lobster and Signature Combinations

Maine Lobster (Steamed) (1/4 lb)$ 26.99
Wood-Grilled Lobster, Shrimp, and Salmon$ 25.99

Create your combination

Atlantic Salmon (Grilled)    $ 25.49
Wild-Caught Flounder (Broiled) $ 13.99
Wood-Grilled Sirloin, 7 oz   $ 17.49
Atlantic Salmon (Oven-Broiled)  $ 22.99
Atlantic Salmon (blackened)$ 25.49

Classic Sides

Baked Potato                                                                              $3.99     
Coleslaw   $3.99
French Fries  $3.99
Fresh Broccoli      $3.99
Mashed Potatoes$3.99

Shrimp And Classic Combination

Combo (Garlic Shrimp Scampi)             $18.49
Combo (Steamed Snow Crab Legs)                   $18.49
Shrimp Scampi                                                      $9.49


Broiled Wild-Caught Flounder                                                                                   $8.99
Fresh Sole  $14.99
Gulf Snapper                                                           $14.99
Halibut                                                                     $14.99
Lake Whitefish                                                           $14.99
Ono/Wahoo                                                                                                         $14.99
Pacific Snapper         $14.99
Perch                                                                       $17.99
Rainbow Trout   $17.99
Red Rockfish                                                         $17.99
Salmon                                                                  $17.99
Tilapia                                                                   $17.99
Tuna                                                                       $12.99

Lighthouse Selections

Lighthouse Snow Crab Legs                         $19.49

Dressings And Condiments

Pure Melted Butter                                                                                 $7.99
Blue Cheese Dressing                                                     $3.99
Caesar Dressing                                                                $1.99
Butter to Baked Potato                                                      $1.99
Honey Mustard Dressing                                                     $3.99
Ketchup                                                                                $1.99
Marinara Sauce                                                                      $1.99
Mayonnaise                                                                    $1.99
Mustard                                                                        $1.99
Sour Cream to Baked Potato                                            $3.99
French Dressing                                                                 $1.99
Pico de Gallo                                                              $1.99
Pina Colada Sauce                                                  $1.99
Ranch Dressing                                                              $3.99
Tartar Sauce                                                              $3.99
Thousand Island Dressing                                   $7.99

Lunch Classics

Blackened Farm-Raised Catfish         $8.99
Garlic Shrimp Scampi Lunch             $9.49
Broiled Wild-Caught Flounder           $8.99

Kids Menu

 Kids Surf’s Up Sundae                       $5.00
Kids Raspberry Lemonade           $3.79
 Kids Lemonade                              $3.79
Casco Bay Cooler: Sunset Strawberry Smoothie$5.79
Broiled Fish-Kids                                $9.99
Grilled Chicken                                      $7.99
Crab Legs (Kids)                                    $8.29
Surfs Up Sundae                                           $7.99

Sweet Treats

New York-Style Cheesecake with Strawberries      $6.49

Most famous Gluten-Free items with the price

Red Lobster’s menu provides numerous gluten-free options that will allow you to enjoy all of the seafood flavors.

  •  Live Maine Lobster: ($9.99) Very delicious, you can add garlic and butter for taste, no gluten is needed. It is cooked in steam.
  • Atlantic salmon: ($12) Grilled fish may be a gluten-free alternative if it is served without bread or seasonings containing gluten. To make sure it meets your dietary requirements, it is crucial to confirm the ingredients and preparation techniques with the restaurant.
  • Rainbow Trout: ($17.99) Grilled trout without any seasonings or anything containing gluten can be a gluten-free option. However, it is advised to verify with the restaurant.
  • Salmon New Orleans: ($18.49) This dish is made out of grilled salmon that has been topped with a Cajun-style sauce that includes peppers, onions, and spices. To find out if the sauce is gluten-free, you should ask about the ingredients that were utilized.
  • Fillet Mignon: ($33.49) Served without any marinades, coatings, or sauces containing gluten, fillet mignon is normally a gluten-free beef cut. Make sure to check with the restaurant about any possible seasonings or sauces.
  • NY Strip ($33.49) is a beef cut that, like Fillet Mignon, can be prepared without using any sauces or seasonings that contain gluten.
  • Surf and Turf: ($20.99) combination of seafood (such as prawns or lobster) with steak is known as surf and turf. If the seafood dish isn’t breaded or prepared with any gluten-containing components, it can be gluten-free. Depending on the cut and preparation, the steak dish may also be gluten-free. Contact the restaurant to confirm
  • Wild caught Snow crab legs ($12.99) are Gluten-free when prepared without any seasonings or coatings that contain gluten. However, cross-contamination might happen during preparation, so it’s crucial to let the workers at the restaurant know about your dietary restrictions.

Tips for Ordering Gluten-Free Items

Remember that gluten-free offers can differ by area, so inform your waitress about your dietary limitations so they can best assist you. They can give you accurate information about products, cooking procedures, and potential cross-contamination hazards.

Note: Cross-contamination can still occur in restaurant kitchens, whether you have celiac disease or severe gluten intolerance.

  • Fresh Seafood: Many fresh seafood options, such as prawns, lobster, crab, and fish, can be gluten-free if prepared without gluten-containing breading or seasoning. Therefore, you can request that your seafood be grilled, broiled, or steamed.
  • Salads:  Some salads can be made gluten-free by eliminating the croutons and asking for a gluten-free salad dressing.
  • Side dishes: vegetables, plain rice, baked potatoes (no toppings), or coleslaw may be gluten-free.

Red Lobster doesn’t list the ingredients on its menu, but it does have a thorough allergen guide that indicates whether items are gluten-free or not.

Desert: If you want to have dessert, order an ice cream dish. There are no gluten-free desserts on the menu, but some dishes are served with ice cream, so your waitress may be able to satisfy your request.

Non-Gluten-Free Items to Avoid at Red Lobster

  • Biscuits
  • Pasta
  • Toast
  • Soups
  • Dessert
  • Battered/fried chicken, seafood
  • Sesame Soy Salmon Bowl (contains soy sauce and gluten).
  • Crispy Brussels sprouts (presumably with breadcrumbs as a crunchy coating)

Would you want to experience gluten-free lunch specials on weekdays? If yes, then grilled Atlantic salmon for lunch and broiled wild-caught flounder are excellent options. These can make your lunch unique and nutritious. These are under $10.

How To Order Online At Red Lobster?

There are several ways to order any meal of your choice from the Red Lobster restaurant during working hours.

1. Official website. Click on order and select a meal. 

2. Download a mobile app iOS app or Android app on your devices. 

3. Order through any app like  Doordash, Grubhub, Postmates, or Seamless.

 These are some easy steps to take to place your orders online from Red Lobster at your local location.

  1. Go to Grubhub and enter your location to find out the availability of the Red Lobster food chain. 
  2. Now, enter your address and the restaurant’s name to look at the most recent menu and prices. 
  3.   You can verify the availability of gluten-free items by viewing the menu on your phone or PC.
  4. To place an online order, select any food item and click the “add to bag” button. The final price is shown at the bottom of the page. Now you can proceed and complete the payment process.

Frequently Asked Questions

1:Does Red Lobster Have Gluten-Free Pasta?

Gluten-free pasta is not available at Red Lobster.

2: Are seafood items are gluten-free at Red Lobster?

Yes, Seafood items are gluten-free at red lobster. If prepared without gluten-containing breading or seasoning.

3: Does Red Lobster Have Gluten-Free Biscuits?

The Cheddar Bay Biscuits are not gluten-free at Red Lobster.

4: Can I plan my delivery hours?

 Yes. When placing a delivery order on the Red Lobster website, you can book a same-day order during the hours that are open for deliveries, which will be indicated when you place your order.

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